Have a Question About Using an Interior Designer?

Never worked with an Interior Designer before? We welcome any questions you might have about what our Interior Design services can offer you.

Here are some questions we are frequently asked:

Do you work in a particular style?

We don't stick to one style but are versatile depending on the project from nature-filled cafe look to elegant luxe residential. We put a Interior Design style concept together that is inspired by the architecture and your lifestyle and how you like to live. We avoid following short term fads or fashions and always have an eye on a timeless result that will add value to your home or commercial project in the longer term. Our favourite Interior Design style is a modern blend that makes you want to linger longer in a space and is uplifting to be there. We believe interiors should contribute to your daily well being. Look through our projects page for examples of our work.

I don't know how much my budget should be?

For furnishing and decoration projects as part of our fee proposal we will suggest a budget range to achieve the result your are after. For kitchen and bathroom projects we can offer you a custom design with fixed design fees. We work with a ballpark budget range to design to and can offer construct/install through our network partners or you can engage your own builder. We suggest where the priorities are for key elements and where you should invest and where you can save.

For Decoration & Furnishing projects will you work with items I have?

YES. If you have a treasured item or a family heirloom, that is important to you, we will design an interior concept that includes your pieces. Items that have precious memories and stories to them are important to our clients and to us. 

Do the products you supply or are custom made for me have warranties?

YES. We back all our products and any items we source with our suppliers warranties. We are very selective about the suppliers we use that have proven quality and service.


Im not sure about the Interior design style I want. Can you help me work this out?

YES. Many of our clients are so confused about where to start or if they are on the right track. Don't underestimate how difficult this can be. Some of our clients have started putting Pinterest boards or images together and our expert eye can hone in on getting the Interior style right. We discuss all your ideas and thoughts during our initial Interior Design consultation. 


Im worried that the Interior Design fees will cost me too much.

Our initial consult fee is a flat fee of $350 for 2 hours including travelling (in Melbourne metro areas). Then we provide you with a proposal with a flat fee based on the scope of works you need. You know what your Interior design costs will be in advance. Our services will save you time and money avoiding costly mistakes that will devalue your project and give you peace of mind during the construction. Our procurement program for furniture and accessories uses trade suppliers where we can source products and pass on discounts to you. Our aim is to add value to your project and deliver a beautiful outcome. Let's talk!

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